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In-depth analysis of the development of China's honey industry


Honey is a widely recognized natural nutritious food. It contains various inorganic salts similar in human serum concentration, as well as a variety of vitamins and organic acids. It has a good nutritional and health effect and has always been popular among the people.

However, in recent years, fake honey has flooded the market. When the words such as blending and fraud appear frequently in the food industry, people continue to raise questions and worries about the quality of honey, and consumers' nerves have to be highly vigilant. Recently, sponsored by China Beekeeping Society and China Bee Products Association, Shandong Beegli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. hosted the 2016 Bee Expo. Relevant experts, scholars and representatives from the industry focused on the quality of bee products and discussed the sustainable and healthy development of Chinese bee industry. strategy.

The market potential of bee products is huge

China is a big beekeeping country in the world. The number of bee colonies, bee product production, beekeepers, bee products export and bee product consumption are among the highest in the world. The beekeeping industry has a certain position in the national economy. Bee pollination has contributed to improving the quality of dried fruits, vegetables and crop seeds, increasing production and increasing farmers' income.

China's beekeeping industry mainly meets the market demand for bee products. "With the continuous improvement of people's living standards and the deepening of the understanding of the health effects of bee products, the market potential of bee products is huge. The quality and safety requirements of bee products are also getting higher and higher." Zhang Ziqiu, director of the Chinese Beekeeping Society, believes that only promotion The continued healthy development of the beekeeping industry, increased policy support and production supervision, can steadily increase the production of bee products, enrich the variety of bee products, improve the quality and safety of bee products, and meet the growing consumer demand for bee products.

The quality of bee products needs to be improved

CCTV has made special reports on the production and sale of fake honey and fake propolis in a few companies, pointing out that "in fact, in the whole bee products industry, the use of fructose to impersonate honey is no longer a secret." "Everyone is a hidden rule, and it has been popular for ten years." This is the main contradiction at the moment. Followed by concentrated honey, non-mature honey accounted for the majority.

Participants believed that the quality and safety of bee products mainly appeared in the key points of the link of the collection, delivery and sale of bee products. Coupled with the relative lack of knowledge of general consumer bee products, it has also contributed to the chaos of the bee products industry to a certain extent. Beekeepers and bee products production and processing enterprises are the two main players in the bee industry in China, and also the bearers of quality and safety of bee products.

In order to pursue the output, many beekeepers take out the honey without waiting for the honey to reach natural maturity. The traditional method of capping and honey-removing is replaced by the production method of distressed honey and more honey. The result is an increase in the yield of honey, but the natural color of the honey should be reduced, and even some beekeepers do so in the honey to make fake or drug residues exceed the standard, the economic benefits cause most professional beekeepers to produce low The concentration is thin and honey, and the manufacturers put them on the market after concentration. These problems directly affect the quality of honey.

Chen Jiaqi of the Yonggang Beekeeping Professional Cooperative in Qixian County, Shanxi Province also believes that regardless of the weather, regardless of the ability of the bee colony, seeing honey has become a major habit of beekeeping in China, which not only increases the cross infection of bee disease. And the decline of the body of the bee, and the bee colony is very poor winter.

China's honey industry is in urgent need of transformation and upgrading

The person in charge of Shandong Yingteli Biotechnology Co., Ltd. said that in the face of the current situation of China's honey market, China's honey enterprises want to continue to develop, they must carry out transformation and upgrading, with the focus of mature honey production, reshaping the bee market brand.

To this end, they called on the national bee products production, processing and operation enterprises to take active actions, comply with national laws and regulations, firmly establish a sense of integrity, strengthen the quality and safety of bee products, consciously resist all kinds of illegal activities, and purify Chinese bees. The product market allows every consumer to buy a reliable bee product.

It is understood that the natural "mature honey" refers to the nectar collected by the bees, which does not contain any artificial substances, nor does it take any substances from it, and is fully brewed and dehydrated as a healthy natural product. This process generally takes more than 7 days to fully convert the disaccharide into a monosaccharide. The total content of glucose and fructose is more than 70%, which has the nutritional and health value that honey should have in the true sense. This requires the production of natural mature honey with stricter production techniques.

“Production of mature honey can ensure the safety of bees and improve the quality of bee products.” Wang Zhi, Jilin Province Beekeeping Science Research Institute believes that the production of mature honey is the trend of the development of Chinese bee products. You don't have to open the box to raise the spleen, reduce the labor intensity of beekeepers, and effectively solve the problem of aging, and then continue to expand the beekeeping scale.

At the same time, in view of the many problems in the production and management of mature honey, relevant experts believe that it is imperative that relevant departments need to formulate and improve the official standards of mature honey, standardize all aspects of production and management, improve the mature honey standard system, and strengthen the supervision of mature honey production and management. .